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Ciauscolo, fig loin, tacconi, cicerchia, vernaccia, cooked wine. The list of Marche’s traditional products is really long and must be fully enjoyed. A culture resulting from numerous civilizations, nobles and peasants, who alternated between sea, mountains and hills.

Come with us and experience a true gustatory experience within the Marche’s wine&food tradition.
Sausages and cold cuts
Ciauscolo, the famous soft salami spread on bread, is undoubtedly the most representative ambassador of Marche’s butchery tradition. It is followed by loin, loin, sausages in oil, meat and liver salamelle and a myriad of other delicacies deriving from the skillful processing of pork.
Caciotte, pecorino, cheeses and fresh and aged caci: Marche’s pastures offer exceptional quality cheeses, while the processing ensures a genuine end product with an irresistible taste.
Pasta making is a 100% Marche’s passion: from the famous maccheroncini to Campofilone's egg, to the tacconi with bean curd and the thin sheet of Vincisgrassi, an unfailing first course on the tables of those who love the Marche.
Desserts and baked products
Dried figs, walnuts, anise and honey give life to donuts, biscuits, bread and typical and irresistible pastries from Marche such as pan nociato, fig loin, cavallucci and cicerchiata.
Cicerchia, broad beans, roveja, chickpeas, beans and lentils in Marche are transformed into cicerchia soups in loaf, quadrucci with egg with chickpeas, tagliulì pilusi with peas and rind flour. There is no doubt: those who love legumes will have splendid confirmations from their gastronomic holiday in Marche.
Wines, liqueurs and spirits
From Verdicchio to Lacrima di Morrò D’Alba, from Pecorino to Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, Marche produces excellent dessert wines and very special liqueurs. Craft beer in the Marche is also becoming more and more important with many small businesses producing increasingly better beers. And what about the mistrà, the famous aniseed liqueur? You must definitely taste it after a meal!
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